18 Incredible Bull Terrier Facts And Beyond

Bloodthirsty fighting dogs or sweet and loyal pets? About the English Bull Terrier breed, there is probably the greatest amount of controversy in society. It’s hard to determine anything from a photo. Reviews from owners say: their pets wouldn’t hurt a fly either. But there are also examples of inadequate behavior of dogs of this breed. So what are they really like? What is the nature of bulls, the peculiarities of their maintenance, and upbringing. Let’s find out.

#1 Bull terriers are native to Great Britain.

Their ancestors are bulldogs and terriers. The former are frequent participants in bloody fights, common in 19th-century England. To improve their fighting qualities, they began to be mixed with terriers. The result was the Bull and Terriers - small, hardy, and agile dogs, more suitable for fighting. Bulldogs passed on their tenacity and stamina, while terriers passed on their courage and agility.

#2 James Hinks was engaged in the subsequent improvement of the breed.

He crossed existing Bull Terriers with Dalmatians and English White Terriers. These experiments resulted in a standard bull terrier, similar to the modern representatives of the breed.

Since then, the courageous, energetic, resilient English Bull Terrier has been rapidly gaining popularity not only in its homeland but also far beyond its borders.

#3 The Bull is the unofficial symbol of Oxford University. Among its professors it is considered good form to keep a dog of this breed.

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