18 Incredible Border Collie Facts And Beyond

Border Collies appeared in the 19th century and got their name from the place where the history of this breed began – the border of England and Scotland. At that time, the breed was highly valued for its outstanding herding abilities, which allowed it to herd any kind of livestock.

Today, Border Collies are used not only for agricultural work or at dog shows but are also known as excellent family companions. A puppy of this breed will bring a lot of joy to your family, and with the right approach and training, you will raise a well-behaved and obedient dog that will become your loyal friend. The Border Collie is a slender and muscular medium-sized dog. It has a flat and strong skull and medium, low-set ears. The color of this breed can be of different colors, most commonly black, black and white, black or brown with tan, tiger, and marbled collies. This breed falls in love with you even in the photo, but you should take a responsible approach to choose a pet and be prepared for the various nuances and features that are inherent in the Border Collie.

#2 They are energetic, willing to work hard, quickly grasp new information, and are easy to learn.

#3 They have an affectionate and friendly attitude towards their family, but are wary of strangers.

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