16+ Facts About Raising and Training Border Collies

The peculiarity of herding dogs from the UK is a sharp mind. Collies are considered the smartest of all breeds. Borders are suitable for novice dog breeders who want to train and train their pets on their own. They master everything new well, have a naturally balanced character, are convenient for keeping in city apartments and in private houses.

#1 Since the Border Collie is considered by many to be the smartest breed of dog, it can be assumed that they are highly trained. This is indeed the case.

#2 In sports this dog has no equal. She is ready to master tricks, frisbee, freestyle, bikejoring, agility, flyball, diving, sports grazing …

#3 Nothing is impossible for them (well, except that the security service is not their strong point).

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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