16+ Facts About Raising and Training Toy Fox Terriers

While training the Toy Fox Terrier is mandatory, it has completely different goals and approaches. Already based on the size of the dog, it should be very clear that it is a huge mistake to apply methods that are relevant for shepherd dogs and other breeds to toys. Dog training should focus on how to teach the toy terrier commands that will be useful every day. Naturally, for such energetic Likudniks as Toi, the primary and most important teams will be “fu” and “sit”. You will have to sweat a lot before your dog really listens to your commands. In the event that you are negligent in this process and miss the moment, it is unlikely to be able to catch up in the future.

#1 This breed and its upbringing require great patience and adherence to special conditions that are not always applicable to other dogs.

#2 The basic principles that will help make your toy terrier a trained and obedient dog:

never yell at the dog and do not try to "build" it; up to six months only loyal education do not show aggression even when your toy terrier bites; be patient and do not give up training, even if at first it does not work out.

#3 Remember that this is absolutely not the breed that needs to break the character for complete submission.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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