14+ Amazing Facts About Border Collies You Might Not Know

The Border Collie is truly the smartest dog in the world. Originally bred as a shepherd, this breed quickly attracted the attention of many dog breeders around the world. Incredible memory, the best IQ among all existing dog breeds, friendliness, and hard work have made the collie the favorite of many thousands of families.

#1 It is impossible to ignore the active and alert nature of the Border Collie, which makes them fantastic guard dogs.

Guard dogs do not mean attack and defense, patrol, and warning.

#2 The Border Collie is commonly confused with the Australian Shepherd.

Since both the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd are herding dogs and are very similar in appearance, it is not surprising that they are often confused.

#3 The Border Collie is actually the direct ancestor of the Australian Shepherd.

We can distinguish between these two dog breeds by their ears, which are usually erect or semi-erect in the case of the border collie.

In addition, the Australian Shepherd does not have such a wide variety of coat colors.

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