19 Interesting Facts About Border Collies

The Border Collie dog breed is one of the oldest in England. When man first decided to use dogs to help herd and guard livestock, these dogs were just the ancestors of the modern Border Collie. In fact, they were not very different from the current representatives of the breed. Size has changed, modern dogs may have more developed intelligence and better understand humans, but they still retain many of the characteristics of their more ancient predecessors.

#1 In those distant times people relied heavily on their intelligent and infinitely loyal dogs – they were entrusted with guarding their homes, they spent time with their children, and of course they helped guard and herd their herds.

We can say that the breed evolved naturally, as the harsh conditions of the ancient world required the animal to have good endurance, courage, obedience to its master.

#2 These shepherd dogs were considered extremely valuable, which is not surprising.

They were sold at a high price, and their appearance may have differed somewhat from region to region. Thus, individual varieties of the breed were formed, which were named according to the locality from which they originated. In particular, these were Welsh Sheepdogs, Northern Sheepdogs, Highland Collies and Scottish Collies.

#3 The very name of the Collie breed comes from the Scottish language, and therefore in other regions of England in ancient times they were called sheepdogs.

This breed has existed side by side with humans for many centuries, and in 1860 it was first shown at a dog show. This was the second dog show in the history of the country, and the Border Collie was noted there as an indigenous British breed.

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