18 Essential Facts About Border Collies

This breed is characterized by increased activity, intelligence, and diligence. Dogs are very fast learners and love to perform various exercises and commands. Border Collies are very playful and not always obedient. They like to be sly, so the owner must be attentive to the pet’s business so that he does not evade the tasks set.

#1 Ideally, dogs of this breed need something to do all the time, otherwise they will start doing all sorts of nasty things: digging holes in the yard, running after cars and so on.

In the case of the Border Collie, the dog won't lie quietly on the porch.

#2 The Collie is an active and energetic dog.

It should not be forgotten that this breed was bred for herding sheep and is an assistant to the shepherd.

#3 Border Collie is very sensitive animal, and almost everything understands almost with a word.

This positive fact greatly facilitates the life of the owner in the training process.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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