21 Fun Facts About Border Collies

The Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world according to the Corinthian scale and a champion in agility, freestyle, flyball, frisbee, and obedience. The animal has a lightning-fast reaction time and motivation to work continuously. However, the owner will have to set the direction of development, and every day. Otherwise, the pet will grow up uncontrollably, and high intelligence will turn from a great virtue into a flaw.

#1 The Border Collie is one of the oldest breeds of dog used for herding and guarding livestock on the border of England and Scotland. Hence the name Border (from the English Border).

#2 The probable ancestors of modern Borders are tall shepherd dogs brought to British soil by Roman legionaries during the conquests of the Roman Empire and the Spitz-like shepherds (the ancestors of the Icelandic Shepherd Dog) that remained near the highlands of Scotland and Wales.

#3 In 1860, the breed was declared under the name “Scottish Shepherd” and took part in the second dog show held in England. Later, Queen Victoria became interested in the breed, which gave impetus to the popularization of the new species throughout the country.

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