15 Essential Facts About English Bull Terriers

The Bull Terrier (English Bull Terrier, Bull, Bull Terrier, Bully, Gladiator) is a powerful, physically strong, and hardy medium-sized dog with a very high pain threshold and excellent fighting and guarding qualities. That said, the rumors of the Bull Terrier being unmanageable and overly aggressive are greatly exaggerated by society. The dog needs early socialization and training by a specialist, because among the genes – a lot of stubbornness and lack of fear, but the Bull Terrier is not the murder weapon, which so people like to talk about. They are ordinary dogs, with a different character, formed not only by the factors inherent in the genes, but also by the environment, training, conditions of detention, and so on. Bull terriers are very loyal, selflessly loving owner and demanding of warmth and affection. Nevertheless, the right to keep bull terriers is limited in some countries and certain localities, so, before getting this dog, get acquainted with the local legislation.

#1 As noted, the Bull Terrier is originally a fighting dog. However, it is now an excellent companion dog, a sporting dog (particularly in agility), a fearless guard dog, and a playmate.

There are common misconceptions that bull terriers should not be brought into a family with young children because the dog can endanger their life and health. In fact, such a danger exists with absolutely any breed of dog, especially if the dog is not handled.

#2 The Bull Terrier has a very peculiar appearance and not the best reputation.

But that does not prevent the breed from remaining on the list of the most popular dogs. Bulls were originally bred to take part in dog fights, and they were also used to poison rats. They are dogs with complex, multifaceted personalities that also need a confident, experienced, and definitely loving owner.

#3 In 1835, the English Parliament passed a law forbidding the baiting of animals.

As a result, dogfighting developed, for which no special arena was required. Dogs could be pitted in any pub, as long as they had the opportunity to make a bet. Bulldogs were not well suited for that, as they were not as gambling and energetic as one would have liked. In order to make them more agile, they began to be crossed with different breeds of dogs. The most successful proved to be shedding the blood of terriers. The mestizos came to be called One of the first bull terriers to become famous was the white dog of the Birmingham merchant James Hincks. In 1861 he caused a sensation at a show. Hincks used white terriers in his breeding work. Presumably, the modern Bull Terrier lineage also includes Dalmatians, Spanish Poynters, Foxhounds, smooth-haired Collies, and Greyhounds. The official recognition of the breed came in 1888 when the first English Bull Terrier Club was founded. Already in 1895 registered the American Bull Terrier Club.

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