18 Essential Facts About Affenpinschers

While in ancient times Affenpinschers were used as talented hunters of rats, birds, and small forest animals, nowadays they fulfill the role of decorative dogs. Affen is a very sensitive, intelligent creature. He can make a wonderful companion pet.

#1 The homeland of the Affenpinscher is Germany.

Dogs resembling their appearance and size were depicted in the paintings of German artists. These creations date back to the sixteenth century. But the history of the breed dates back to the seventeenth century.

#2 There is no reliable information about the ancestors, about the origin of the Affenpinscher. There are different versions:

1. According to one, the Belgian Griffon and the Zwergschnauzer were bred on the basis of the said breed.

2. According to another version, the Affenpinscher is believed to be descended from the Terrier and the Brussels Griffon.

Another version "claims" that pug-like Asian dogs and miniature pinschers were involved in the development of the Affenpinscher breed.

#3 Initially, the purpose of Affenpinschers was one – to catch small rodents.

The dogs were kept in stables and outbuildings, reliably guarding the owner's property from rats and mice.

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