18 Essential Facts About Affenpinschers

#7 The neck is without skin folds, short, muscular.

It supports a small head with a rounded skull. The ears are small, semi-standing, and raised on cartilage. The ears can be cropped, in which case they are standing triangle-shaped. Not allowed low set, hanging ears.

The eyes are quite large, slightly convex, and dark. Have a rounded shape. The eyelids are not drooping. Around the eyes framed with stiff hair.

#8 The muzzle is short.

The nasal bridge is rounded, and black in color. The lower jaw is slightly turned up. Full bite. When the mouth is closed canines, teeth are not visible.

#9 The physique is compact.

The back is straight and short. The waist is strong. The thorax is deep and rather wide. The abdomen is moderately taut. The disadvantage is considered too taut abdomen.

Legs parallel, muscular. "Cat" paws of small size (hind longer than front). The claws are black. The step is smooth, quiet.

The tail is of medium length, set high. The tail can be cropped (2-3 vertebrae). If the Affenpinscher is excited, it holds it upright "with a candle".

The skin is tight to the body.

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