18 Essential Facts About Basenjis

Description of the Basenji breed: small companion dogs that hardly ever bark, and if they do make sounds, they are more like meow, the whole reason for the structure of the larynx, which is different from the rest. Height at withers 40 cm and weighs 11 kg. The country of origin is Central Africa. There they were used for a lion hunt.

#1 The Basenji dog breed is quiet, calm, peaceful and loyal.

These dogs are graceful and harmoniously coordinated.

#2 They are distinguished by cleanliness, and do not stink of “dog.

They accept all members of the family, but at the same time are devoted to one owner.

#3 The dog can be distrustful of strangers, but will not bark at them.

Bessenji puppies are very playful and active, so they're great for sports people.

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