12 Interesting Facts About Basenji You Probably Didn't Know

The Basenji is a true tomboy. Its origins go back a long way. This breed is for experienced people as the Basenji is not a low maintenance strain – compared to other breeds.

The dog breed is still considered to be particularly alert and has a very pronounced hunting instinct. Thus, the Basenji is anything but a “beginner’s dog”.

FCI group 5: Spitz and archetypal dogs
Section 6: Archetype
Without work test
Country of origin: Central Africa
FCI standard number: 43
Use: hunting dog

Height at the withers:

Males: 43 cm
Females: 40 cm


Males: 11 kg
Females: 9.5 kg

#1 There are many myths about where this breed originally came from.

The small, wiry dog was first sighted in Central Africa, where it was used by the native Pygmy people as a hunting and driving dog. That's why he's still called the "Congo Terrier" today.

#2 The dogs were discovered by the British and have been bred in Europe since the early 1930s.

It was not until 1964 that this archetypal dog breed found its final recognition according to international breed standards.

#3 Due to their origin, these dogs still have a strong hunting instinct.

Therefore, controlling the Basenji in a free range can be a challenge.

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