12 Interesting Facts About Azawakh That Will Blow Your Mind

The African Azawakh is often referred to as the greyhound of the Sahel. His temperament is considered refined, attentive, initially reserved, and yet affectionate. The breed is also called “Idi”, “Osca” and “Tuareg greyhound” depending on the region.

The Azawakh has very distinctive characteristics. This breed of dog was bred specifically for hunting gazelles and has the stamina to match. He is a sensitive dog who needs people who understand his origins and who can provide attitude and guidance accordingly.

FCI Group 10: Sighthounds
Section 3: Short-Haired Greyhounds
Without work test
Country of origin: Mali / Sahel zone
FCI standard number: 307
Usage: Hunting dog on sight

Height at the withers:

Males: 64-74 cm
Females: 60-70 cm


Males: 20-25kg
Females: 15-20 kg

#1 If you want to follow in the footsteps of the Azwakh, you should start your journey in Africa. It is here in the Sahel, in the southern part of the continent, that this dog breed has its origins.

#2 The “Tuareg greyhound” was bred by a desert people of southern Africa to hunt, guard and protect. Europe only became aware of this special greyhound breed late.

#3 The first “European” dogs were found in France and the former Yugoslavia, the population was correspondingly small.

Today you can find it all over the world.

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