19 Interesting Facts About Affenpinschers

You should choose a puppy in a breeding kennel where you will be provided with all the documentation. The Affenpinscher can have genetic diseases, so you need to study all the information about its parents. It is very important that they are not related. When choosing a puppy, do not focus on the photo, but observe the environment where he grew up. Only in these conditions will you see his natural behavior and be able to draw conclusions. If he’s awake, he should be curious, agile, and always ready to play with other puppies. Pick him up, smell him, and examine his coat. A healthy little Affenpinscher should not show aggression or fear, he will sniff you and may even taste you, but only out of curiosity. Observe the general condition of the cattery, the atmosphere in it, and the conditions of detention. The breeder will definitely provide you with recommendations for the first time that will help you adapt the puppy to a new place of residence.

#1 The Affenpinscher is great for keeping both in a city apartment and in a private house.

In the latter case, you should take care of a high fence in the yard because they climb well and can easily overcome the fence. Representatives of this breed are very active, so they need constant and long walks with games. This dog should be taken outside only on a leash because it will try to lunge at any person or other animal.

#2 Caring for an Affenpinscher is quite simple. You can trim the hair on the ears and cut it short to smooth the transition to long hair, but keep it shaggy at the same time. Brushing is enough twice a week, and the Affenpinscher does not shed.

#3 The health of this breed is quite strong, especially if you maintain good physical shape.

However, due to the fact that the Affenpinscher is quite small and tends to move constantly, it is fraught with musculoskeletal diseases, joint dislocations, and limb injuries.

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