18 Fun Facts About the Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is a very cute dog that looks like a monkey, which is why the breed got its name (it means “monkey-like” in German). Its history begins in Central Europe. Affenpinschers were kept in stables and shops to hunt rats. Then breeders gradually reduced the size of the dogs and they began to catch mice in the boudoirs of noble ladies. Today, the Affenpinscher is a favorite pet of many families and is very popular. It has an energetic and persistent character. These dogs are very curious, loving, and loyal to their owners. They usually behave quite calmly but show real courage when attacked or threatened. The Affenpinscher loves to spend as much time as possible with its owner and tries to always be in the center of attention, but without making a lot of noise. Like many other small dogs, they quickly realize that their owners are lenient and forgiving, and this can affect their upbringing. The Affenpinscher is very jealous and not friendly to small children. He can even take their toys and react aggressively if you try to take them away.


#1 Devotion, playfulness, intelligence, energy, and curiosity – these are the main features of the Affenpinscher’s character.

#2 Representatives of the breed are very attached to their owner.

If they have to leave such a pet for a long time, they need someone close to the family to take care of it. Demanding attention, the Affenpinscher can be obtrusive and rather clingy.

#3 Curiosity, mobility and a desire to climb higher leads to frequent injuries and even death.

The owner must control the affen's irrepressible energy. Do not let him off the leash when walking in crowded places or near highways.

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