18 Amazing Facts About English Bull Terriers You Probably Didn’t Know

The Bull Terrier is a breed with an interesting history. He used to be called a gladiator, referring to his fighting past. But now that dogfighting has fallen into oblivion, he is called the “white cavalier”, implying intelligence, politeness, and generosity – the qualities that make a Bull Terrier a true gentleman.

#1 The Bull Terrier dog was bred in England.

Its appearance was preceded by some events in the history of the country. Until the beginning of the XIX century, there were very popular on bulls, and bears, and as herding dogs were used swift, fearless, and strong English bulldogs.

#2 But legislation in England in 1835 banned such inhuman activities.

But, the English, thirsty for spectacle, began to practice dog fighting. Bulldogs turned out to be unfit for this kind of fighting, which required them to be sharp, and quick to react to the actions of the opponent - the same dog. Breeders faced the challenge of obtaining a fearless but more agile breed.

#3 A terrier was chosen to cross with a bulldog, which gave the dogs intelligence and agility.

The resulting dogs were called bulldogs and terriers. Further crossing these dogs with terriers resulted in the features of the modern bull terrier: longer legs, elongated head, and sharp muzzle than that of the bulldog. Although the first mestizo dogs could not boast of such an appearance, because they were characterized by curved limbs and arched back.

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