16 Amazing Facts About English Bulldogs You Probably Didn’t Know

The English Bulldog is a controversial breed. Shortness of breath, sensitivity to heat, turned-out shoulders, and skin infections – almost every bulldog has to struggle with at least one of these problems. Even within their fan and breeder community, more and more critical voices are being raised to avoid certain overtyping in favor of the health and quality of life of the dogs.

Breed: English Bulldog

Other names: English Bulldog, Bulldog

Origin: Great Britain

Size Dog breeds: medium

Group of Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

Life expectancy: 8-12 years

Temperament / Activity: Friendly, Docile, Willful, Sociable

Height at the withers: Females: 31-40 cm Males: 31-40 cm

Weight: Females: 22-23 kg Males: 24-25 kg

Dog coat colors: Fawn, Red, Red, and White, Kidz and White, Gray Brindle, Brindle and White, all colors except grey, black and black, and tan.

Puppy price around: €1550

Hypoallergenic: no

#1 Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to get to know a mobile, long-legged bulldog, which also has a slightly bridged nose, will be happy to forego exhibition laurels in order to have such an animal as a companion.

#2 In Switzerland in particular, there are dedicated bulldog breeders who are very energetically committed to breeding this breed for health.

#3 The character of the bulldog is people-friendly and balanced with a high stimulus threshold.

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