12 Interesting Facts About French Bulldogs You Probably Didn't Know

According to the FCI standard, the colors are permitted for uniform fauve (fawn), brindle, and piebald as well as white (brindle fauve with predominant white piebald). White markings are only allowed on brindle bullies. According to the breeding association, “black and tan”, and mouse gray and brown are considered “false colors”. Dogs with blue fur are particularly prone to health problems with their hair and skin.

#1 French bulldogs tend to be overweight and have a sensitive stomach, so you should pay close attention to balanced food portions and regular walks.

#2 Furthermore, the feed should have as high a meat content as possible and ideally be gluten-free, as grain can irritate the digestion.

#3 It is also important not to change the diet too often and to stick to one type of food if the little dog tolerates it well.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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