16 Surprising Facts About Beagles

The Beagle breed standard states that “all dog colors” are acceptable. The most common color of a Beagle is tri-color with a black saddle (the back area), white legs, chest, belly, and a white tip of the tail, and brown on the head and around the saddle.

The second most common color combination is red and white in an Irish spotted pattern on the face, neck, legs, and tip of the tail. Whatever their color, the tip of their tails are typically white so hunters can see them in tall grass.

#1 Beagles have a soft, dense double coat that is resistant to rain.

They should be brushed at least once a week with a medium-hard brush, or with a dog glove (a rubber glove with nubs on the palm of the hand) to loosen and remove any dead hair and encourage new hair growth.

#2 Beagles shed, but because of their short fur it is hardly noticeable.

Their fur gets thicker in winter, so they shed more in the spring. They are clean dogs (unless, of course, they've found something awesome smelly to wallow in) and generally don't need frequent baths.

#3 Because Beagles have droopy ears, the air inside their ears doesn’t circulate well and they’re prone to infection.

Check the ears at least every two weeks for signs of infection and excess lard. If you notice that your Beagle shakes his head a lot or scratches his ears, you should check them too.

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