Every Year Again: Dogs as a Christmas Present

Many children want a dog as a gift for Christmas. But even if cute puppies take children’s hearts by storm, parents should act responsibly.

Plan your dog purchase carefully

The decision to get a dog should be well thought out. The increasing number of abandoned dogs and overcrowded animal shelters after Christmas shows that many dogs are bought spontaneously. As soon as the animals are no longer small and cute, they are no longer needed.

Before purchasing a dog, it should be carefully weighed up whether the time and financial effort can be borne. An “average dog” costs about as much as a mid-range car throughout its life – in addition to the food costs, which vary depending on the size of the animal, dog tax, insurance, dog school, veterinary costs and possible costs for dog boarding or dog grooming is due.

You also have to find out thoroughly about the needs of the new family member and the breed-specific features before purchasing. A dog needs regular activity and exercise, has to be trained consistently and with a lot of patience, and cannot be left alone all the time. Parents who want to make their children happy with a puppy at Christmas are often overwhelmed after a very short time.

No puppies of questionable origin

The origin of carelessly bought dogs is often dubious: especially on markets in the border areas to neighboring countries to the east, often also on motorway parking lots or using anonymous newspaper advertisements, baby dogs are sold, which are produced en masse under terrible conditions and without complying with any regulations and at cheap prices sold. Such animals are often ill, either not surviving long or in need of expensive veterinary treatment quickly. Although tempted, these dogs should not be bought unless you know where they came from. Because with every dog ​​sold, this system of misery is maintained.

Getting a dog should always be considered with the whole family. When deciding whether to take a dog into the household, visits to an animal shelter can help, for example, where dogs can be tried out for example. In this way, disappointments and false hopes can be avoided.

You don’t have to go without animal gifts

Stuffed animals are much better suited as a Christmas present because they give you plenty of time to think about whether to get a dog or not. An informative dog guide is also a helpful gift to prepare the child for proper husbandry and care. In this way, children learn how to deal with animals responsibly from the very beginning – and you prevent nasty surprises after the holidays.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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