15 Essential Facts About English Bull Terriers

#4 Mini bull terriers have been known since the 19th century.

Small dogs with a weight of 3-6 kg, became famous in their time as excellent rat catchers. At the beginning of the XX century, the breed had three varieties, or rather weight categories: heavy, medium, and mini. In 1938, the first Mini Club was founded, whose chairman has achieved official recognition of the breed English Kennel Club. Since 1939, the breed was officially divided into standard and miniature bull terriers.

#5 The Bull Terrier is a dog of medium size and harmonious build, strong, strong with a well-developed musculature.

Gender dimorphism is well expressed. There are no strict restrictions on height and weight, the Bull must be proportional: with a maximum weight that is well-matched to the sex. Still, average figures can be distinguished. Standard: height - 40-55 cm, weight -25 kg. Mini: rov height - 25-35 cm, weight - 8-16 kg.

#6 The bull terrier’s head is very specific, no other breed has such a head.

It is elongated, ovoid in shape with an almost imperceptible transition from forehead to muzzle. The small eyes are set low and close to each other. The ears are on each side of the head and the tips are very far apart. This all together gives the muzzle an unharmonious expression. The jaw is massive and strong. The teeth are in normal numbers, with a scissor-like bite. The physique is slightly elongated with curved ribs and a deep rib cage. The back is short and straight. The waistline is slightly convex. The bottom line is taut. The legs are strong, set on round compact paws. The tail is set low, short, and carried horizontally.

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