Care and Health of the Miniature Bull Terrier

The Miniature Bull Terrier is very easy to care for. The reason for this is its short and robust fur. However, since every dog ​​wants to feel comfortable in its own skin, you should brush it once a week. Its eyes, claws, teeth and ears should also be examined to prevent potential bacteria.

The diet should be as healthy and nutritious as possible. Smaller dogs in particular, such as the Miniature Bull Terrier, have a high energy requirement, so you should spoil them with high-quality food sources. However, it is important to keep the balance between diet and exercise in mind in order to promote the health of your four-legged friend, because being overweight has serious consequences such as diabetes or heart disease.

Unfortunately, the Miniature Bull Terrier has to struggle with one or the other typical illness, which would be:

  • heart diseases;
  • kidney diseases;
  • white Miniature Bull Terriers are often deaf and/or blind;
  • patellar dislocation.

For the sake of clarity, we would like to briefly explain what exactly is meant by the last two points. Blindness or deafness results from mating two white dogs, which is why this type of breeding is no longer allowed.

Worth knowing: If you decide in favor of a white Miniature Bull Terrier, it is advisable to have a hearing test done by an audiologist. Here you can quickly find out whether your dog is suffering from deafness or not.

Patellar luxation, on the other hand, describes a disease of the knee joint, which unfortunately affects many dogs. This causes your dog’s knee joint to jump to the side when it moves. In the worst case, the result is that the dog can no longer move without pain and has to limp all the time.

Activities with the Miniature Bull Terrier

The Miniature Bull Terrier is not only playful but also very active and playful. Therefore, you should be careful to respond to his needs. It is best to package the sport in a playful way.

Possibilities here are agility exercises, dog frisbee, or certain search games. But even simple things like cycling or jogging are fun for him and keep him happy.

Note: You should not only challenge and encourage your dog physically but mentally as well. Both components are essential for the development of your dog.

In addition to all the physical activities, he also needs your affection. That’s why he also enjoys quiet moments on the couch, where a pat or two will certainly do him good.

Whether you live in a house, in a small apartment, or in the village – none of that matters. It is much more important that he gets fresh air regularly and is kept busy. Therefore, it is all the more important that you really go for daily walks to ensure its balance.

When it comes to traveling, he will not cause you any major worries as he is a small yet open-minded dog, which is essential for a comfortable journey.

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