Nature and Temperament of the Miniature Bull Terrier

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a very playful and child-friendly dog, which is always looking for activities of all kinds. This playful and at the same time childlike style prevails into the old age of the dog.

Although not as extreme as a puppy, the urge for varied activities and the cheerful attitude remain, which is why he is also classified as very charming.

In addition, the Miniature Bull Terrier is independent. On the other hand, he is a very affectionate and affectionate dog that likes to be surrounded by his fellow human beings and spends his time with them.

You don’t have to do competitive sports with him, but he needs his daily exercise to remain balanced. Otherwise, the Miniature Bull Terrier is a well-balanced four-legged friend by nature.

Another characteristic of the Miniature Bull Terrier is its courageous, alert and at the same time intelligent nature. It is also a very creative dog, but it also expects a similar level of creativity from its master.

Since, as mentioned above, he needs a lot of harmonies and likes to be around his fellow human beings, he is very open. On the other hand, he behaves more neutrally towards strangers at first, since no basis of trust has yet been created.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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