17 Things Only Leonberger Owners Would Understand

If you really want to, the dog can be taught to respond to commands, while it is important to understand that only the options “Lie down!” and “Stop!” Anything that will require a lot of effort and concentration will be done in a “just fine” style. For example, Leonberger can sit on command, but this will not be an exemplary position of a shepherd dog, but a relaxed sprawling on its hind legs. The shaggy “heroes” are also not eager to import objects, so if you plan to teach “Leon” this trick, start training with him from 3-4 months of age. OKD for the breed is a serious test, and not all dogs withstand it with honor. However, there are real virtuosos among the Leonbergers who can step on the throat of their own song in order to please the owner. These are the only ones who compete in agility competitions, easily acquiring certificates of passing the OKD.

#3 Mudbath !! This time we took some friends with us to our favorite “Shrek’s Pond”.

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