12 Things Only Patterdale Terrier Owners Will Understand

The perfect person for this dog breed is a family person who has a similar urge to move as his dog. If you can get involved with your dog in this respect, you will find that you can get through thick and thin and through every agility/dog sports tournament with him. Successful of course.

Since the dog is very fond of children, nothing stands in the way of small children living with him. Thanks to its endurance, they will grow up with a loyal friend by their side with whom they can play and romp for hours.

#1 Of course, every owner of a Patterdale Terrier thinks about the equipment he needs for the dog before adopting the dog from the breeder.

The basic things are clear: water and food bowls as well as age-appropriate food, possibly treat for the first lessons of "basic training", a regular, short leash.

#2 Of course, a place to sleep, ideally planned as a retreat, is required.

Whether you get a blanket or a soft, comfortable dog bed is up to you. The best thing to do is to ask the breeder what kind of sleep the dog has been allowed to experience so far.

#3 Due to its short fur, a medium-hard and a soft brush are perfectly adequate for grooming.

A comb can also be used but is not actually necessary. Of course, you should always have tick tweezers or something similar to hand to remove any pests as quickly as possible.

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