12+ Things Only Dachshund Parents Will Understand

The dog is not only ready for delicate contact with the owner, it requires such a necessity. If you ignore the dachshund, the dog becomes vindictive, sullen, and grumpy.

Dachshund is an amazing, interesting dog. Loyal to the owner, able to make independent decisions. Thanks to its strong, rounded claws, the dachshund quickly clears a path from the ground and stones. In a minute, it will overcome 50 cm of the ground.

Description of the Dachshund breed should begin with the words – an amazing dog. It is called the Energizer battery – the activity of the dog will drive calm people crazy. Dachshunds are inquisitive and curious, stick their noses everywhere. Any moving object does not leave the dogs in different – pets are ready to chase until they lose their pulse.

The Dachshund dog breed is distinguished by its quick wit, sharp mind, and incredible independence, perfect for keeping in a house or apartment with a large family. Charm and character make the dog an irreplaceable friend and great companion. Endless devotion to the owner and family, all-consuming love – the dachshund is ready to share itself.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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