15+ Things Only Leonberger Owners Would Understand

In training, Leonberger, if not excellent, then solid good. They are quick-witted, obedient, willingly included in the work process. The only thing that slows down the training of the animal is its natural slowness (not to be confused with disobedience). Not a single Leonberger will rush to execute a command with all his might without thinking carefully about the expediency of the action. By the way, about the teams: dog owners are of the opinion that the breed does not need them in principle. You can control the behavior of a shaggy companion by changing the tone of the voice (higher or lower), affectionately, but persistently convincing him. Leonbergers are naturally understandable and will quickly guess what they want from them by intonation.

Important: it is undesirable to take two Leonberger puppies into the house at once. Representatives of this breed are sociable guys who easily find contact with fellow tribesmen. As a result: in the “duet” of befriending puppies, the owner turns out to be the third superfluous. Babies who are passionate about each other are immune to learning and training, so it will be extremely difficult to get them to practice. If there is no way without a second “Leon” in the house, wait until the first pet socializes and begins to obey your requirements.

#3 Happy #24heuresdumans everyone! So sad there is no public this year, especially since the TV only shows professional teams for some reason.

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