15 Funny Staffordshire Bull Terrier Costumes For Halloween 2022

People perceive the Staffordshire Bull Terrier very differently. For some, the Staffie, as it is also called, is notorious because of dog attacks by this breed, in which people have been seriously injured or even killed. He is loved and valued by others. They affectionately call the Staffordshire Bull Terrier “Babysitter Dog” in its country of origin England. It is an FCI-recognized dog breed with FCI standard number 76. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier belongs to Group 3 Terriers and Section 3 Bull Terriers.

#1 The ancestors of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier were crosses of various terriers, the “Bull-and-Terrier”, from England.

Small beefy dogs that appeared there about 250 years ago. They lived with poor miners in the mid-English region around Birmingham and the county of Staffordshire in their cramped working-class apartments. That's why the dogs couldn't be too big.

#2 The original task of the four-legged friends was to destroy rats.

In order to earn a little extra for their livelihood, the workers held bloody "rat-biting" competitions with the excellent "rat-killers". A bet was placed on the dog that would kill the most rats in the shortest possible time.

#3 From around 1810, the powerful and courageous bull and terrier was abused by English miners for popular dog fights and dog races.

A lot of money could also be made with bets and puppy sales. This breed soon became the most popular fighting dog line in England.

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