10 Funny Toy Fox Terrier Costumes For Halloween 2022

The Fox Terrier is a keen hunting dog from Great Britain that is now also popular as a family pet. In the profile, you get information about the origin, the character, and the attitude of the British dog breed.

#1 The fox terrier is a small, very self-confident, sometimes stubborn dog with a strong hunting instinct. It is available as a smooth-haired or wire-haired fox.

#2 Originally used for hunting, this dog, originally from England, is now often kept as a family dog. Jazz legend Louis Armstrong was once the owner of a wire-haired fox terrier.

#3 The fox terrier is a dog with a strong character, intelligent, lively, cheerful, very courageous and alert, whereas the smooth-haired fox is said to be livelier and more assertive than the wire-haired dog.

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