21 Funny Maltese Costumes For Halloween 2022

As clever and lively companion dogs, the small, snow-white Maltese inspire numerous animal lovers. They are good animal companions for people who always like to have their four-legged friends around and who enjoy caring for their silky soft fur.

The clever and affectionate little dog is classified in the FCI Group 9, which represents companion dogs. Here the Maltese are in Section 1 of the Bichons and related breeds. Bichon is French for a lap dog and the Maltese are the best-known and most popular representative of this section.

#1 The dog breed “Maltese” is one of the oldest and comes from the Mediterranean region.

To this day it is not certain where exactly it came from. The only thing that is clear is that the name does not necessarily refer to the island of Malta, but is actually derived from the word "Malat". "Malat" is the Semitic word for port, because the little dogs lived in many port cities at that time. There they acted as mouse and rat catchers because the rodents quickly got the upper hand wherever ship goods were stored. But there are also theories that determine the origin of the island of Mljet and other less-considered theses.

#2 What is certain, however, is that there was already a small white dog in ancient times that was known in both Greece and the Roman Empire.

At that time not so noble, but the charming dog had already become a popular companion dog at that time. From the Renaissance at the latest at the beginning of the 14th century, the nobility then deliberately bred them as a noble and loving companion dog for the ladies.

#3 It is not for nothing that many dog ​​lovers love the Maltese, as he is an incredibly friendly and funny fellow.

A lively little four-legged friend who is incredibly affectionate and gentle at the same time. He loves his people with all his heart. The bright and clever dog therefore always wants to be there.

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