9 Best Patterdale Terrier Costumes For Halloween 2022

Patterdale Terriers are English hunting dogs that were bred specifically for hunting badgers and foxes. Although they have been recognized by the American United Kennel Club since 1995, they are still not recognized by the British Kennel Club or the FCI. The dogs are also known by the names Fell Terrier or Black Terrier. While they used to be used for hunting, today they are more of a companion dogs.

#1 Not much is known about this breed. However, this much is certain: Patterdale Terriers originated around the year 1800 in northern England, in the town of the same name, Patterdale in Cumberland.

Here they were bred for hunting foxes and badgers, with the dog breeders attaching particular importance to the usefulness of the dogs.

#2 The Patterdale Terrier was trained to enter fox and badger dens and kill the animals there.

#3 Around 1978 the first dogs of this breed came to America, where they are now very popular.

However, the USA is also the only country where the Patterdale Terrier enjoys a degree of popularity outside of its native England. In this country, these dogs are still extremely rare. They have not yet been recognized by the FCI.

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