8 Funny Bedlington Terrier Costumes For Halloween 2022

The Bedlington Terrier comes from the north of England. There it was used in the mining regions for hunting small game. Hunters used curly hair to hunt rabbits and rats. They showed great talent at hunting, which the miners took advantage of to curb the rat population. Aside from ridding the tunnels of rats, the handsome hounds traveled around England primarily with merchants, tinkers, and scissor grinders. The four-legged friends of the breed did great service as hunting dogs. They were very popular with the villagers as they rid the villages of rats and other rodents. Their owners were able to earn a little more and were in good company.

#1 Like many other terrier species, the Bedlington Terrier fell victim to British betting culture.

It was often used for animal fights. His abuse for fighting had earned him the nickname "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". This name is also due to the Bedlington Terrier's coat, as its cut and texture is reminiscent of that of a sheep.

#2 The ancestors of the Bedlington Terrier include the Scottish Terrier, Otterhounds and Whippets.

The independent breeding of this breed only began in 1820. As the name of the handsome terrier suggests, its breeding roots lie in the small English town of Bedlington, north of Newcastle. Around 50 years after the selective breeding of hunting dogs began, the Bedlington Terrier was also well-received in various exhibitions.

#3 In his home, the terrier in sheep’s clothing is actually very gentle: he is very affectionate and fixated on his caregiver, but is not pushy or demanding.

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