14+ Realities That New West Highland White Terrier Owners Must Accept

The West Highland White Terrier is an incorrigible optimist, a perky fidget with beady eyes and a luxurious shaggy “fur coat” of snow-white color. By nature, contact, and energetic, this curious furry cannot imagine his life without adventures and small adventures, which he strives to embark on during every walk. At the same time, the West Highland White Terrier is not at all lazy and will be overjoyed if he is entrusted, for example, with housing security. Fortunately, representatives of this breed cope with the function of live “signaling” like no other.

Even living in a large family, the West Highland White Terrier focuses on one person, whom he considers his only master. At the same time, the dog treats the rest of the household evenly and quite benevolently.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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