14+ Realities That New Rat Terrier Owners Must Accept

Originally bred as a farm dog, the Rat Terrier is capable of hunting rodents and other parasites above and below the ground, as well as tracking down and catching small animals. He is alert, courageous, loyal, and obedient, full of energy and enthusiasm. Easily learns, gets along well with other dogs. Aggression or shyness is not typical for the breed.

Rat Terriers are friendly, energetic, and cheerful dogs that strive to be the center of attention of others, they are never bored with them.

By nature, the Rat Terrier is very social and sensitive. Loyal to its owner. Gets along well with children with whom you can already play. Needs good socialization, especially during the first three months of life. Without proper training, he can be overly stubborn and independent. Watchful qualities are expressed, the attitude towards strangers is distrustful.

#1 Due to their small size, these dogs are suitable for life both in a country house and in a cramped apartment

#3 They love human attention and are ready to do much to get a share of affection and care

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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