14+ Realities That New Airedale Terrier Owners Must Accept

Airedale terriers are cheeky merry fellows, harmoniously combining such traits of temperament as independence, gambling, and boundless devotion to the owner. With these bearded “Yorkshires”, both authoritarianism and excessive liberalism will not work. They are ready to recognize the authority of a person only if he respects their desires and at the same time does not allow himself to be manipulated. If the stars converge and in relations with animals you adhere to exactly this tactic of behavior, the airedale is 100% your pet.

The passion for “archaeological excavations” is innate in the Airedale. Keep this in mind when unleashing your dog near a neighbor’s rose garden.

Airedale Terriers are not ready to love children by default. They are not at all averse to looking after the kids and taking part in her games, however, they will react quickly and harshly to infringement of their self-esteem.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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