14+ Realities That New Scottish Terrier Owners Must Accept

The Scottish Terrier is a tireless bearded inventor, a furious debater, and a mischievous headstrong, with an almost magnetic charm. In the house where the Scottish Terrier lives, a positive attitude almost always reigns, because it is impossible to remain too serious with such a dog. By the way, the fact that you will literally have to be near the Scotty, you can not doubt at all: the representatives of this breed consider it their direct responsibility to take an active part in all the owner’s endeavors.

Vigor, a passion for adventures and interest in everything unknown is in the blood of the breed, therefore it will not work just to put the Scottish Terrier on the sofa and safely forget about its existence. The dog needs daily emotional and physical relaxation, which it should receive while walking and communicating with a person.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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