14+ Realities That New Leonberger Owners Must Accept

Leonberger is a large but at the same time elegantly graceful handsome man who knows exactly how to win a place in the heart of the owner. He is calm and reasonable, as befits a purebred “German”, and certainly will never use his own strength against those who are weaker. Good-natured and playful, Leonberger is sincerely glad to guests, whom he willingly meets at the door and sees off, delicately holding his coat with his teeth. At the same time, he manages to cope well with the work of a watchman, sitting royally on patrol and bringing the most hardened lovers of other people’s good to a pre-infarction state with his deaf, bass barking.

The Leonberger is relatively easy to learn, but agility and other disciplines that hone obedience are not for them. At the same time, in drafting, animals can become serious competitors for other large dogs.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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