14+ Realities That New Irish Setter Owners Must Accept

The Irish Setter is a charming, intelligent, clever girl with a positive attitude towards life and others. Sometimes overly gullible, but able to insist on his own, this handsome chestnut is the type of pet in which you never tire of discovering unexpected qualities. Hunting with the Irish Setter is a topic worthy of a separate article. It is possible to return from the field without prey with a dog only in one case – if not a single feathered creature was originally found on this field.

The Irish Setter is an ultra-communicative, affectionate dog that does not know how and does not want to put up with loneliness, so it is undesirable to start it for workaholics who spend their days at work.

The lack of suspicion and friendliness towards humans and pets makes Irish Red Setters absolutely no watchmen.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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