14+ Realities That New Brussels Griffon Owners Must Accept

We can immediately say that this is a very cute and good-natured dog, which, at the same time, has a somewhat impudent and even arrogant disposition. But this is rather funny and not out of spite, and rarely brings trouble. Especially if the owner socializes his dog in the right way, loves it, then these qualities allow it to become the soul of any company, and fit into any environment. Although in fairness, it should be noted that not all griffons are alike, some of them are more shy, others, on the contrary, are impudent and daring.

The Brussels griffon always needs close contact with its owner and with his family, he loves his loved ones very much and is ready to spend all his free time with them. Often these dogs literally stick to their owners and need your attention. If they do not receive attention, their behavior can even be too provocative and a little strange. Also, the Brussels griffin does not like to stay at home alone for a long time, therefore such a dog is not suitable for everyone.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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