14+ Things Only Bloodhound Owners Will Understand

The descendants of the Norman hounds are balanced to the point of phlegmatic and rather good-natured dogs. True, one should not confuse the calm temperament of the breed with weakness. Bloodhounds are infinitely far from soft “felt boots”, and they will not allow anyone but children to twist ropes out of themselves. Hounds, of course, are happy to be friends with a person, but as a comrade and certainly not as a disenfranchised pet, for which all decisions are made by the owner. By the way, to the question about children: a bloodhound sincerely enjoys playing with kids and will never offend a child on purpose. And yet, it is better not to forget about the dimensions of an animal capable of knocking down a one-year-old toddler with one wave of its tail.

Fans of the breed assure that the Bloodhound can safely lead the top of the most family and human-oriented pets. He is smart, has a conflict-free, easy-going temperament, and is completely devoted to the person who took him into his upbringing. The Bloodhound is also quite loyal to people who are not part of his circle of acquaintances, so feel free to invite noisy companies into the house – the Belgian hounds are glad to guests quite sincerely and certainly will not be spying on them. Bloodhounds are especially fond of traditional celebrations that are repeated from year to year. In their personal calendar, dogs put a mental note in front of each such event and willingly take part in the reception and entertainment of guests.

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