14+ Realities That New Bloodhound Owners Must Accept

Bloodhounds are imperturbable kind-hearted and first-class detectives who will get out of the ground any prey that has the slightest perceptible smell. At the same time, the breed is not tied to its historical craft (hunting) and, if necessary, is easily re-profiled into a service bloodhound or companion. But what a bloodhound will definitely not become is a sofa dog, so before taking a hound puppy, do jogging or race walking in advance – you will have to walk with your pet for a long time and intensively.

Adults have phenomenal vocal abilities. It’s not even barking, but rather a powerful bass roar that can be heard at a distance of several kilometers.

Having attacked the trail, the bloodhound falls out of reality and, as if hypnotized, moves after an interesting smell, which is why the dog has to be controlled every minute during walks.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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