14+ Things Only Irish Setter Owners Will Understand

The Irish Setter is a dog whose internal battery operates in turbo mode from puppyhood to venerable age. And this applies not only to physical activity, but also emotions, which the breed has a strategic reserve. If for the whole day the “Irishman” did not manage to communicate with any living creature (if there is no man – a cat will do), this is a serious reason for him to be upset.

Contact and friendly, Irish Red Setters are completely free of any aggression whatsoever. They do not expect a dirty trick from strangers and are generous towards children, even if they are not very polite. However, it is a big mistake to perceive representatives of this breed as weak-willed mattresses. When needed, the Irish Setter is able to demonstrate both stubbornness and firmness of temperament. True, he will not do this assertively, but gradually, using clever tricks, and sometimes sheer pretense. Trying to dominate a person is not typical for the chestnut clever ones (there are also exceptions), but they prefer to make decisions in everyday life on their own.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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