This is Why Cats Like to Sit in Sinks So Much

They are hard, cold, and small: From a human point of view, everything speaks against hanging out in a sink. Even so, a lot of cats seem to love this spot in the bathroom. Why is that like that? Your animal world explains it to you.

Some behavior of cats raises questions in their owners … Why your cat follows you everywhere, for example. Why do they sometimes have their wild five minutes? Or why cats like to sit in cardboard boxes.

While some of your pussy’s quirks are unlikely to be explainable, there are other quirks that are quite logical. For example, why cats like to chill in sinks.

“Cats are often considered good hunters, but at the same time they are small enough to be prey for larger animals – they are both hunters and hunted at the same time,” explains veterinarian Dr. Andrea Y. Tu opposite the magazine “The Dodo”. That is why cats like to stay in small, cozy places with a firm footing. Sinks are perfect for this – also because of their height.

“This gives you a good vantage point from which you can potentially spot small animals to hunt or larger animals that you could attack.”

In addition, sinks provide some sort of hiding place and a safe surface from which to jump down to hunt – or flee.

Sinks Provide Cats With Hiding Spots and Lookouts

For the same reason, cats also love other elevated places in your apartments, such as the scratching post or the window sill – even though they don’t really have to be on the lookout at home. Instead of possible prey or enemies, the kitties can keep an eye on their most important caregiver: you!

Another advantage of sinks: cats can nestle in a round shape. This and the material of the sink help the kitties to maintain their body temperature, which is higher than that of humans. So the sink will help your cat feel warm and safe.

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