Why Do Cats Actually Like to Sit by the Window So Much?

Perhaps you know it from your own kitty or from your observations on walks: Cats can sit by the window for hours and look outside. But where does this fascination for windows come from? There are probably several reasons behind this. Your animal world reveals it to you.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the neighbor’s cat from the house across the street, your own kitty, or the house tiger on a walk – they all seem to be stuck behind the window like some people in front of the television.

Have you ever asked yourself why that is? The answer is actually pretty obvious!

Cats Enjoy the View – and the Sun

Because cats are just curious beings. And outside the window, there is usually just more going on than in the apartment. If your cat has a choice, it would rather watch the birds, squirrels, dogs, cars, and strollers in front of the window than you do the same thing over and over again.

According to the US magazine “Treehugger,” there is another reason why cats are almost magically attracted to windows. And that is sunlight.

You may also have noticed that your cat finds every tiny bit of sun that shines in your apartment. Cats just love to let the warm rays shine on their fur. And where are the better chances of a bit of sunlight than right by the window? Just.

Depending on what makes your cat tick, it may be sitting by the window for other reasons. Perhaps she likes to catch flies, for example, which often sit on window panes. Or she likes to lick the condensation.

According to various animal trainers, if your cat is always sitting at the window when you leave the house, it may simply want to keep an eye on you.

Cats Feel Even More Comfortable at the Window

Do you want to make it extra cozy for your kitty at the window? Then make sure that she has enough space to lie down there. For example, some window sills are not wide enough for your cat to comfortably stretch out on. But you can expand it a little, for example. Or you build or get a kind of “hammock” that can be attached to the window.

So that the cat has a lot to look outside the window, you can hang up a bird feeder or bird food there, for example. So your kitty can watch the feathered visitors. But make sure that the window is always securely locked. By the way, you can tell that the cat is enjoying bird television when it suddenly chirps.

So that your cat can easily reach its favorite spot, you should use light curtains instead of roller blinds. So your kitty can easily push past it when she wants to go to the window. However, the curtains are often covered with cat hair. They should therefore be easy to clean.

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