Can Cats Cry?

Do cats cry like us humans when they are sad or in pain? The answer is no. Nevertheless, our four-legged friends’ eyes sometimes water. Here you can find out why this is – and how you can help your crying cat.

Grief, frustration, anger, fear, pain – there are many reasons why people cry. For us, tears are mostly an expression of emotions. However, cats don’t cry because they’re sad. They tend to express their feelings through tortured meowing.

In addition, the following signs suggest that your cat is sad at the moment: It is withdrawing, losing its appetite, and has less energy than usual. You can also tell that your cat is in pain when it changes its behavior – and not of tears.

Even so, your pussy’s eyes may still be watering from time to time. Even if she doesn’t feel sad then, you shouldn’t take her crying lightly. This is often due to medical causes.

Reasons Cats Cry

Most cats’ eyes water from injury or inflammation. According to veterinarians, this can be for the following reasons:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Infections
  • Allergies

Your cat’s physique can also affect how often he cries. Cats with a round head are apparently built particularly close to the water.

If your kitty’s eyes are watering regularly, you should urgently have them checked out by the vet. Usually, the causes of watery eyes are only slight ailments – nevertheless, many of them have to be treated.

There are also some more serious illnesses that can make your cat cries, such as thyroid or kidney disease. And in such cases, it doesn’t help if you just comfort your kitty and stroke her fur.

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