10 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat

No question about it: cat owners only want the best for their kitty. Nonetheless, they sometimes make mistakes and do things with their cat that are not good for the animal. Your animal world tells you which mistakes your cat can make even dangerous.

You love your cat, want to pamper it, and give it your affection – but the means of affection are not always the right one. And there are also some other pitfalls in everyday life that cat owners should avoid.

You should avoid these things with your cat – even if they are well-intentioned:

Buy Plants That are Dangerous for Cats

Some houseplants are poisonous to cats – so make sure you do your research before buying. Not that you accidentally bring home a plant that poses a real health risk to your cat. The same goes for bouquets too.

For example, lilies are extremely poisonous to cats. If the animals eat parts of the flower, kidney failure and, in the worst case, death can result.

To Impose You on the Cat

You can’t make your cat cuddle! Unlike many dogs, kitties tend to enjoy affection in small doses – and on their own terms. If your velvet paw feels like cuddling, it will naturally seek to be close to you.

Give Your Cat Permanent Access to Food

Sure, you don’t want your cat to go hungry – but if your cat can eat almost all the time, the risk of becoming overweight increases. You should therefore only provide the amount recommended by your vet. A food dispenser can help ensure that your cat only gets its portions of food at certain times.

Only Feed the Cat Dry Food

In theory, cats can survive in very dry environments. Because they hardly feel the urge to drink, cats should absorb a lot of moisture through their food, explains animal nutrition expert and former veterinarian Jaimee Alsing to “Insider”. “Even cats that seem to drink a lot of water don’t drink nearly enough. Chronic dehydration often leads to tooth decay, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections. Many health problems can be prevented by simply adding a daily meal of wet food. ”

Too Much Milk for the Kitty

Cats love milk – that’s how many of us were taught as children. Most kitties do too. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t drink too much of it. Because some cats can even get a stomachache or other complaints from it. Instead, you can pamper your velvet paw with cat treats. And for hydration, water is a better choice.

Push Your Cat Off the Kitchen Counter

Does your cat like to jump on the countertop in the kitchen and stick its nose in your saucepans? No question, that’s annoying! However, simply pushing the cat roughly on the floor is not a solution – it cannot harm it physically but also psychologically. A trusting relationship between humans and kitties depends on you always treating them carefully.

Shave the Cat

The sun is burning and your cat’s fur feels thicker than your warmest winter sweater? Even so, you shouldn’t just shave them unless your vet tells them to. Their fur helps cats regulate their body temperature. In summer as in winter. If the fur is trimmed, this natural thermostat no longer works as well.

Administer Drugs That are Actually Intended for Humans or Dogs

The simple rule: never give your cat medication without first checking with the vet. Because funds for humans or dogs can cause great damage to cats, they require different amounts or compositions of active ingredients.

Leave Cats Alone for More Than 24 Hours

You can usually leave cats alone longer than dogs. Even so, someone should check on the kitty at least every 24 hours. Never just give her food and water and then leave her alone for days.

Ignore Behavior Changes in Your Cat

Your cat cannot use words to tell you when it is in pain. Therefore, changes in her behavior are an important indicator that something is wrong with your kitty.

Does she withdraw, stop eating, or become aggressive? These could be signs of diseases such as dental disease or arthritis. You should therefore make an appointment with the vet if your cat’s behavior has changed dramatically. He can investigate whether there are any medical reasons for this.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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