The 16+ Cutest Golden Retrievers Currently Online

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs. Confirmation of these words is the research of the American professor of psychology and neuropsychology researcher Stanley Coren, according to which this breed ranks 4th among 133 breeds in terms of intelligence. It should be noted that these dogs are excellent students, who throughout their life, like a sponge, absorb information.

#1 Kind, loyal, smart, love children

The breed of dogs "Golden Retriever" or as it is also called "Golden Retriever" was bred in the 19th century in Great Britain, in order to serve the game on the hunt. After the war, dogs of this breed began to help in the search for explosives, drugs, weapons. Now, in most cases, they are just pets.

#3 They do not bark, they have a wonderful character, they do not bite, they are very patient with small children, they are excellent companions, they are beautiful

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