15+ Pics That Show Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

Friendly and outgoing, the Golden Retriever will rightfully become your family’s loyal favorite. Their kind disposition makes them condescending and gentle when dealing with children. Retrievers are usually sympathetic to other family pets. It is very important to remember that these dogs are excitable, like puppies, and can accidentally hit a child while playing next to him. Aggression does not occur in well-trained retrievers, but improper upbringing can cause outbreaks of aggression. Retrievers are very fond of those who prefer communicating with people with dogs, or very lonely people. The Retriever is in great pain and suffering from the long forced separation from his family. The Golden Retriever is not a protective dog. She can bark at a stranger, thus showing him her friendliness and interest in his person. They are loving, loyal, and devoted dogs. They always try to bring joy to the people around them.

#1 The most suitable dog for the whole family. Kind, intelligent, hardy.

These dogs are kind and trusting, they are not suitable for sentry and security work. And to educate Golden as a security guard is a crime. It is a friend and companion.

Used for hunting as gun dogs (bring a wounded game, including waterfowl).

They work as lifeguards on the waters and in search work, which is associated with the peculiarity of the dog's instinct.

#3 Good-natured, positive and beautiful dog. Likes to play, walk and swim. Can become a hunting assistant.

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