12+ Pics That Show Basenjis Are The Best Dogs

Basenji are energetic and mobile. They have a well-developed hunting instinct, so much so that chasing prey, the dog may not hear the commands of the owner. Nature is so conceived that in order to maintain health, they need to move a lot. These dogs are affectionate and affectionate, they easily get along in human and canine society, more than one animal of this breed can be kept in the house. The dog will adore not only the person who feeds it but also other family members.

#1 Basenji is a hunting dog, therefore the main features of its temperament are energy and constant readiness for action.

#2 Loyalty is also characteristic of these animals: although it is not easy to gain the trust of the “bassi”, if the dog has already recognized you, then it is difficult to imagine a more reliable friend.

#3 The pet will always be wary of strangers, although it will never be the first to show aggressiveness.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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